Ideas of things I want to blog about are constantly filling my head at an almost overwhelming rate. I've found that I tend to refrain from posting (especially since this little one entered my life) because the perfectionist in me is waiting for enough time to make each post as creative and as thoughtful as possible. In an effort to compromise between blogging about as many things as I can that inspire me with continuing to blog in as thoughtful a way as I can when I can, here is a simple sort of personal book review I'd quickly like to share with you. 

A few weeks ago Frances and I picked up the book I Want My Hat Back from our local Barnes & Noble bookstore (one of our favorite places to visit). Since then, Frances has insisted that I read it to her daily.
It's about a bear who loses his red, cone-shaped hat 
 and a rabbit who gets what's coming to him.
 Its text is simple but the dialogue has an underlying mature level of humor
and I love that Frances genuinely laughs at it every time. I love that she gets it. 


  1. Oh yay! I love finding out about new kids books:)
    Also love how your background creates a chevron...did you do that on purpose? I bet you did, color me impressed!

    1. Haha Reeve! I actually did not plan the chevron pattern. Wish I had! It's the pattern on the rug we recently purchased from West Elm. :)