Preparing for the arrival of baby number two has prompted me to reflect a lot on what it was like when Frances first entered our world, our lives, our home. For days, even weeks I remember feeling so overwhelmed with love that it literally hurt. The feeling of commitment and responsibility that immediately consumed me the moment I laid eyes on her scared me to death! I was recently looking through photos and videos of our first days with her and came across this. Watching it brought all of those feelings to the surface. (As a little disclaimer, I must warn you that the angles in the video are a little skewed. We did not realize at the time that our camera wouldn't self-adujst to rotation.)

Am I really ready to do this again??? YES!


  1. Awwww! It has been 14+ years since I have brought home a baby, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. It is something you never forget. This was so sweet!

  2. Thanks ladies! Susan (and I think Suzette will likely agree), there is absolutely no way for anyone to describe to you (try as they might) the feelings you will feel when your very own baby is born. Giving birth literally introduces you to feelings and emotions you've never encountered before. I am so excited for you to experience this for yourself! :)