I’m currently crushing on the color blush.
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It’s so lovely and delicate and feminine.
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The older I get and the more complicated my life gets and the more my style evolves, the more I’m realizing my attraction to all things neutral.
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To me blush is a fun neutral cause it encompasses so many other colors.
Tumblr mk72q0B29q1rxc54zo1 500
Like apricot, pink, peach and ivory
Tumblr mk4adzeCUv1rj3re1o1 500
and coral and beige and rose.
Tumblr lvfawdHFIb1qcvxkso1 500
I love the contrast in the color of her lips with her dewey skin.
Tumblr mux9rz7joq1qb4hiyo1 1280
And the transformation this tangerine shade takes when it’s wet.
Tumblr mpzd98mwue1qaxe9co1 1280
Blush hues can add a fun pop of color
Tumblr mp5hyvuezN1s3lf4oo1 1280
or can make a perfectly understated statement.
Tumblr mpfjep1aLm1snt5bbo1 500
I can find more than 10 blush tones in this adorable and cheery kitchen!
Tumblr mn75juiYcA1rq2qruo1 1280
Blush on blush on blush on BLUSH!
Tumblr mqemb8cjON1qzleu4o1 500
(Images from here and here and here.)

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