This is only the second year we've vacationed at Wild Dunes. But, somehow, it already feels like a family tradition.This year we stayed in a condo right on the boardwalk, which led to the main pavilion, the pools and the beach. It was perfect proximity for a family with two young kids. No driving necessary! Frances has completely turned over a new leaf in the world of water.A year ago when we came, she refused to set foot on the beach (let alone in the sea) because she was afraid of the roaring ocean waves. This year, she would beg her Daddy each day we were there to take her out into the ocean to ride the waves!We've spent almost every weekend this summer at the pool. Frances loves it and has always had a blast. But, until a few weeks ago, she was still extremely apprehensive about going under the water. As a result, she wasn't progressing much in her swimming abilities. We decided to enroll her in one-on-one intensive swimming lessons for two weeks straight and it literally transformed her in just a few lessons. We were honestly astonished. Although her instructors certainly get most of the credit, having her wear goggles was without a doubt what jumpstarted her progression. Being able to go under water without getting water in her eyes completely liberated her! Now, she can swim several feet unassisted and (most importantly) she LOVES it!Then there's this guy. He was certainly curious about the ocean.But, he was ALL about the sand!
Each day after breakfast we'd immediately head down the boardwalk to the ocean. Frances and Spencer LOVED running down the boardwalk.
I loved walking past all the seaside succulents.We'd play in the sand, 

and cool off in the tide pools.

Frances would practice writing her name.
And, Spencer perfected his digging skills.
I loved watching them both at work.One of our favorite daily rituals was getting ice cream from Duney's on the boardwalk.After a little lunch and a quick rest we'd head back out for more!It was truly an awesome trip and I found myself feeling filled to the brim with glee and overwhelmed with the love I have for my little family.

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