For Frances' fourth birthday we decided to take our first family trip to this magical place.
Growing up in Florida, some of my fondest childhood memories were made with my family at Disney World.
Considering it was our first time going as parents of two young children, Todd and I pretty quickly decided that it would be ideal to stay as close to the Magic Kingdom as humanly possible...that would ultimately be the iconic Contemporary Resort. We were within walking distance of the park and there was a monorail stop in the hotel lobby, which meant we didn't have to deal with parking each day, and coming back to our room for Spencer to take a nap or just to have a break in the day before heading back to the park was totally doable. Although it certainly wasn't the most economical choice, it was without a doubt the most efficient. When it comes to getting the most out of a vacation, I tend to feel that time can be worth more than money.

Above was our view of Space Mountain. And at dusk, it literally looked like something from another world. Florida sunsets are something I dearly miss. There's just something about the humidity combined with the heat that seems to cause the sky to put on a ethereal exhibition each night.
Frances' birthday wish was to meet the Disney princesses.

I was amazed with how "in character" they all were.
They absolutely delivered and she couldn't have been happier.

She got to try out Brave's bow and arrow.
She had this little autograph book that she was super excited to have each Princess sign.
Rapunzel was her favorite.
The structure that is Spaceship Earth, an enormous geodesic sphere and the icon of Epcot, never ceases to impress. Even though it was planned more than three decades ago, it still seems like something from the future. It's an absolute testament and symbol of Walt Disney's profound ingenuity. 
Beautiful displays of water were everywhere throughout the parks!
We were able to get one shot of the whole family during our five days there.
Although there were new rides and and other subtle changes throughout the parks, I was so happy to see that the foundation and integrity remained unchanged, and that Frances was able to experience Disney in the same way I so fondly remember doing when I was just a girl like her. We all can't wait to go back!

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