This guy just turned one. For Frances' first birthday we had a semi-elaborate party that I spent weeks preparing for, so I was fully aware that it was approaching. In contrast, Spencer's birthday completely snuck up on me and its arrival evoked a bitter-sweet feeling of "When did my baby get so big?!?" For me, the main difference between baby number one versus baby number two is that the first time around every teeny-tiny detail is considered a milestone and is celebrated in a grand way whereas, the second baby is lucky if he gets cake on his birthday! 

That being said, this first year of Spencer's life has been an absolute joy. This little boy has brought so much fun and laughter into the Huber household. His unintentional silliness and "all boy" way of life is so refreshing and humbling. He is truly ALWAYS happy unless he's in pain or you stand in his way (literally)! His first word was "Hi", which is so appropriate. He's very social and loves people. He's always been very active and started walking (practically running) at a little over 10 months. We never baby-proofed anything for Frances. We didn't need to! With Spencer, we've had to baby-proof the entire house! But, he's so sweet and so affectionate and loving. Although he'll eat anything we offer him, he hates being confined to his highchair and would rather skip meals and spend his time doing something more productive like walking laps around the house. Although he's happy-go-lucky and pretty laid back he's also strong willed and very determined. He has completely captured our hearts and I'm so excited to see where he'll go in life.

Happy birthday little man!

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