We recently spent several days in Colorado. It's amazing to me how even after an entire day of traveling with two young children and then spending two additional hours with those same kids (who never napped on the plane like they should've) in baggage claim at the Denver airport because their Daddy left his bag with his wallet (and mine) in the bathroom near the gate we arrived at, almost 30 minutes away (Denver airport is huge!), but can't go back through security to find it (cause his ID is in his wallet) and instead has to somehow direct an airport employee to try and retrieve it for's amazing to me that just being somewhere so different than where you live and what you're used to can immediately energize you and fill you with overwhelming motivation and inspiration. 
There is nothing like driving into the Rocky Mountains!
Or, seeing the sun set...
and rise over the Rockies! This was the view from our cabin in Estes Park.
These guys paid a visit our first morning there.
And, this guy was just hanging out (with the rest of his herd) on the side of the road!
So rejuvenating to experience life through your child's eyes.

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