Quinoa for Lunch

Quinoa has recently become a pantry staple in the Huber household, replacing white rice. I have always loved white rice, but it is highly processed and often leaves me with a heavy feeling in my stomach. I have found Quinoa to be the perfect alternative! You can read about the many benefits of quinoa here.
Our new favorite lunch was inspired by something my dear friend Alexa made for our playgroup one time. Her recipe called for couscous, which is quite similar to quinoa. I took one bite and I was hooked and tried to replicate it as best as I could. 
I start with pre-washed quinoa and cook it according to the directions on the package. Then, I add about a tablespoon of high quality, cold-pressed olive oil (my current favorite is ZOE)
and about a tablespoon of red wine or balsamic vinegar.
Finally, I mix in some colorful goodies like chopped red onions, quartered grape tomatoes, chopped cilantro or basil, dried cranberries or yellow raisins for a touch of sweetness and some nuts for added crunchiness (I prefer whole, unsalted almonds).
Eat it immediately while it's hot or refrigerate it and save it as a refreshing, tasty snack for later!


  1. This looks right up my alley...I love quinoa!

  2. We call it spermy rice in our household. Justin can make a mean mess out of it!!!

  3. Hi there, Just found your blog via The Frat Pack.

    This looks really good. I wonder if I could get my boys to go for it, they don't eat white rice.

    I'll have to try it. Thanks for the tip.