Friday Finds

Last Friday morning, Frances and I went to our Music Together class, like we always do, only to find that the spring session had already ended. My poor baby is stuck with a flake for a Mama! Since we were all dressed with nothing to do, we ventured to a place we'd never been...Independence Park.
It's nestled in a tiny valley at the intersection of Hawthorne Road and 7th Avenue, in Elizabeth. The entrance to the park leads to a delightful, little botanical garden.
The flowers are surrounded by beautiful boxwoods, creating a maze-like effect. 
And, there are vine-clad arbors on each side.  

In the garden there are roses,
 exotic flowers,

and huge cacti.
There are shade-covered paths as far as the eye can see,
perfect for strolling down,
with plenty of inviting benches along the way.
Stone staircases lead to...
even more gardens
and more beautiful flowers

and a sweet, miniature waterfall

that feeds into a tranquil reflecting pool.
The plaque below literally brought tears to my eyes. It reads: "In loving memory of Lillian Arhelger, March 1907 - June 1931, who met death in a heroic attempt to rescue a child from Glen Burnie Falls, Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Her life was one of beauty and unselfishness. She gave nobly."  Apparently, it was presented by her students.  She was a physical education teacher at Central High School. You can read more about her heroic, but tragic feat here.
One of Frances' favorite discoveries was this "pool for bugs".  
She was fascinated with it and kept saying, "Frances get in the pool?!?"
She was also SO thrilled to find that our journey ended at a playground with swings. The swings in our neighborhood park were knocked down by a tree during one of our recent tumultuous storms. So, it's been a while since she was in one. Notice the look of pure delight on her face.
She made a little friend at the park by the name of Elsa. Her middle name happened to be Frances!
They had lots of fun playing together. And, when it was time to go they exchanged rocks.

This was the face Frances made when I told her we were leaving.
But, it quickly changed when I asked her if she'd like to come back again sometime.
I'd probably have to say that this was my favorite Friday Find.


  1. I would love to add this to my "Charlotte To-Do" list.

  2. Wish I could have been there with you two - love you! Mom

  3. I love that park. i used to eat lunch there all the time. So sorry I wasn't there to sing with you ladies:) THIS WEEK!?

  4. L O V E this! You've inspired me to check this park out. I have driven by so many times and have always wondered what it was like! Just beautiful!