My Mother's Day

MY mother's day started with my adorable Frances bringing me this fabulous bag she decorated (with the help of Gigi). I personally believe this is worth WAY more than any designer bag out there!
I crawled out of bed and walked downstairs to find these waiting in the kitchen for me.
For brunch we went to Custom Shop.  DELICIOUS!
Here I am with Frances sportin' my new bag!
This was the other Momma that joined us for the day...Todd's mother, Sara.
We gave her a small token reminding her of her nickname.
Throughout her life she has been told that she looks like Wonder Woman.
And, let me tell you that this lady IS Wonder Woman.  She embodies strength and endurance like no one I've met and is the person you'd want by your side when faced with adversity.  
A nickname couldn't be more appropriate or fitting for THIS Wonder Woman!

My Mother's Day continued with a stroll through the gardens of Wing Haven
with this fellow Momma, my neighbor and great friend, Amy.
The gardens were beautiful and so peaceful and tranquil
and there were signs periodically posted with powerful and inspirational passages
serving as reminders of what's important in life
and of how being outside surrounded by nature brings you back down to earth and grounds you.
These little chairs served as reminders of what I had home waiting for me and of why I was celebrating this day. 
I can't WAIT to share this little slice of heaven with my very own angel!

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