I'm reminiscing about the lovely life we had in Tampa.  My life in Charlotte is absolutely perfect and more amazing than I ever could have wished for.  But, I have such fond memories of how our life together as a family (pre-Frances) began in our small but, so, so sweet home in Hyde Park Village.
This was our quaint living room.
 I so loved the tall windows!
 This was our little dining nook.
 This is facing the entrance to the master bedroom.
 This is facing the entrance to the guest room.
 Comfy couch...
 This was Todd's favorite piece of furniture and my least favorite piece of furniture. :)
 Much of our condo was furnished and decorated with thrift and vintage store finds.
 I loved that cabinet and so regret leaving it behind. :(
 I installed that chandelier on my own while recovering from sinus surgery! 
 This was the guest room.
 Todd's desk...
This was the master bedroom.
 It led out to a little, front, street-side balcony.
 And, every night we had the most amazing sunset views! 
 Todd sent these to me from Charlotte after just starting his new job with former Wachovia.

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