Can household cleansers be sold like beauty products?

This was the question asked in a recent WSJ article entitled, The Pampered Countertop. I would have to answer, absolutely! As I've mentioned before here, as long as they get the job done and have the least toxic/harmful/harsh ingredients, I am certainly guilty of purchasing countertop products for their pretty packaging. I try and switch it up, but among my favorites are Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day (of course) and Cucina in the kitchen, and for the guest bathroom I really like L'OCCITANE hand soaps and lotions.  I'm eager to try Caldrea's "Essential Collection" at Target. Anyone else have a "pampered countertop"? If so, what's your splurge of choice?

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  1. I'm with ya, sista!
    I love these - and I pick the scent based on the how the color of the label will go in the room!!

    Yay for pretty packaging!