Happy 1st Birthday!

Today you are one year old!  It is so hard to believe that it's been an entire year since the day I gave birth to you, and saw you, met you, heard you cry, spoke to you, touched you, held you, kissed you, nursed you, rocked you, sang to you, soothed you, and told you I loved you all for the first time.  Since that unbelievable day, my life has never been the same.  

Dearest Frances, you have brought me more joy, pride, love and happiness than I ever could have hoped for or imagined.  Being a mother has been challenging to say the least.  I'll never forget holding you in my arms when you were only minutes old and feeling so overwhelmed about the responsibility I was now committed to.  The love I felt for you was insurmountable and like NOTHING I had ever experienced before.  I loved you so much it hurt...literally.  I remember thinking that you were too perfect to enter such in imperfect world and even wishing I could put you back in the womb where I could protect you.  

Yes little one, you sure stirred up some emotions that day! Now, one year later, I'm feeling much more grounded in my role as your mom and I'm enjoying EVERY minute of it.  I am SO fortunate to be able to spend everyday with you.  Each day, each hour, each minute is an adventure and I can never predict what you will do next!  You've taught me so much about life and having you as a daughter has changed me so much as a person.

Since the day you honored this world with your remarkable spirit you too have changed and developed significantly.  And now, at a ripe age of 1, you can...crawl like a crab, sing "e-i-e-i-o", wave, shake your head yes and no, bark like a dog, hug and kiss, dance, eat with a spoon, walk with assistance, say Mama, Dada, hi, bye-bye, dog, bath, book, and do lots and lots of other things! 

You are alert, observant, inquisitive, sensitive, strong-willed, independent, cautious, but confident, and of course, BEAUTIFUL! You are a social butterfly like your father.  You love spending time with your friends and family.  You prefer being outdoors.  You love dogs. You love listening to music. You love cuddling with your blankets and stuffed animals.  Your favorite food is pickles. Your favorite thing to do is read. You love looking at yourself in mirrors, again just like Daddy. You are always eager to try new things and want to do everything on your own.

My sweet, little Frances Rose, if the first year of your life is any indication of what's to come, we are all in for a wonderful ride.  Thanks for coming into my life and thanks for being fabulous you!

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