Sponge Bath

I was SO excited about giving Frances her first "real" bath. Well, let's just say it did not live up to my expectations. What we thought was such a tiny infant tub enveloped even tinier Frances. And, once we added water to it her little body was slippin' and slidin' all over the place! This was , of course, quite traumatic for Frances and she screamed the entire time. Attempting to wash all of her parts and get into all the nooks and crannies of her skin was nearly impossible. When the whole episode was finally over, Todd and I were both sweaty and frazzled. How on earth would we ever be able to do this again, let alone on a regular basis?!? Well, luckily Nana (my mother) came to the rescue. As I often do when I'm in a crisis I consulted her and, as she usually does, she had a solution. She told me about a sponge that she used on Scott and I when we were infants. It supposedly cradled the body and absorbed water so baby was stable, cozy and warm. How had I not known about this?!? I purchased one right away and we've been using it ever since. Frances now LOVES baths and Todd and I now enjoy giving her baths. It has become the tranquil experience I initially hoped for. And, the infant bath sponge is my new go-to baby shower gift!

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