Potty Time!

Okay...so most moms out there will undoubtedly think I'm crazy. I bought Frances a training potty. Every night as soon as I'd put her in the bathtub she'd pee almost immediately. I think the sound of the running water must trigger her bladder (just like her mom). SO, I decided to put her on a training potty while running her bath to see if anything would happen. Well, success! Who knows whether or not she's aware of what she's doing (probably not), but I figure there's no harm in getting a head start.
I chose the Potty Bench made by Boon. Just like all of their products, it gets the job done in the most efficient and stylish way possible. It serves as a potty, as storage and as a bench, which I sit on while bathing Frances. My favorite part...it has a pee guard to prevent spillage and/or sprayage. Love it!

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